Sierra Club Partners in Lawsuit Requesting Army Corp of Engineers Publish an Environmental Impact Statement on the CMP Corridor

The Army Corps of Engineers has been reluctant to publish an Environmental Impact Statement on the effects of the CMP Corridor despite the overwhelming public requests including one from the Penobscot Indian Nation. State and federal agency reviews of the proposed CMP corridor have revealed significant problems with the project, including a failure to properlyContinue reading “Sierra Club Partners in Lawsuit Requesting Army Corp of Engineers Publish an Environmental Impact Statement on the CMP Corridor”

Stop the CMP Corridor Petition Signature Collectors Needed

As of this writing, Bar Harbor is the only polling place listed that will have signature collectors in all of Hancock County. Collecting would be a challenge for anyone at the polls, but it would be even more significant for Hancock county voters to assist our anti-corridor candidates (who can’t collect signatures without risk ofContinue reading “Stop the CMP Corridor Petition Signature Collectors Needed”

Salmon Farm Pens in Frenchman Bay

As County Commissioner, and if elected to State Representative, there is no jurisdiction about what is permitted for marine industry use unless a bill is put on the table. But I do want to express my opposition to the proposed salmon farm operations in Frenchman Bay. The current discussion is for 2 sites to occupyContinue reading “Salmon Farm Pens in Frenchman Bay”

Participation Opportunities

Ellsworth AmericanAug. 20, 2020Miscellaneous Notices PUBLIC NOTICE HANCOCK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ANNUAL CAUCUS Pursuant to 30-A MRSA, 763, sub 1, and as amended by Public Law #440, The Hancock County Commissioners will caucus for the purpose of electing at least one municipal officer or one representative of the public as a member of the Hancock CountyContinue reading “Participation Opportunities”

Hydro Quebec Shell Game

BREAKING: Sierra Club files brief in International Trade Commission investigation on Canadian hydro imports & calls out Hydro-Quebec President & CEO for lying under oath. President and CEO of HQ Sophie Brochu tried to tell the federal investigators that HQ was a “stand alone” corporation totally separate from the Quebec and federal Canadian Government. AnContinue reading “Hydro Quebec Shell Game”