Solid Waste Emergency in District 136

Residents of Mariaville; Townships 7, 9, and 10; Sullivan; Sorrento, and Steuben are currently landfilling their Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) at Crossroads or Juniper Ridge Landfills. This includes waste that may contain COVID-19 virus. Your officials didn’t contract with Municipal Recovery Corporation for this kind of service. When the Fiberight Waste Processing Plant closed, your waste hauling contract with MRC forced MSW to these landfills. State Law and Governor’s Executive Order to incinerate at PERC because of COVID contamination are being ignored. This toxic dumping, violation of statute, and breach of contract has to stop immediately. I have notified various media outlets to hopefully publicize this, and I hope you reading this will join my call to your town officials to haul their MSW to PERC incinerator.

Published by Antonio Blasi

Blasi for Representative Antonio Blasi (D-Hancock) is running for the District 136 seat to the Maine House of Representatives. He currently is Hancock County Commissioner for District 3, and an elected planning board member.

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