There are likely many undiagnosed infections and unfortunately  a severe lack of available testing.  If elected [to the Legislature] I would be able to do more as a state rep than as a county commissioner. I would work to introduce a bill  that would test everyone and then the contact tracing, and beyond that ensure that a vaccine be available at no cost to Mainers. I can visualize shipments of vaccine coming into clinics and  everyone getting themselves to a clinic or health care workers would do visits.  One of the initiatives I would pursue is [legislating] the recommendations from the state climate council [to be]  implemented as  Maine’s version of the Green New Deal. I would expect there be opportunities for people to retrain to get union-scale wages and benefits.

Published by Antonio Blasi

Blasi for Representative Antonio Blasi (D-Hancock) is running for the District 136 seat to the Maine House of Representatives. He currently is Hancock County Commissioner for District 3, and an elected planning board member.

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